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You’re not crazy... You’re Sensitive !

What it Is

The Sensitometer™ test is a mobile App that measures how you react to anything that changes inside or outside of your body.

What it Does

The Sensitometer™ test combines information from your answers to a 10-question Sensitivity Test and the reaction of your eyes to light.

The Sensitometer™ test measures the time it takes for your eyes to react to light, the speed of your contraction and the maximum closure of your pupils.

How it Helps

Every person is unique and will feel differently when exposed to bright lights, high humidity, cold air, alcoholic drinks, medications, ovulation and irritating fumes and vapors.

Changes in the weather, your body chemistry and hormone levels and even small changes in stomach acid may all affect how you feel. The Sensitometer™ test helps you understand how your body reacts to such internal or external environmental changes.

Find out how sensitive you are and share what you learn about yourself with your friends, family and personal physician.

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